Social Stimulating Alternative Program - SSAP

PASS Mission: To develop sustainable communities, proactive, healthy which respect the environment, and create opportunities for young people by young people themselves.

Expertise areas Work with communities

• Proactively supporting community initiatives which bring positive change
• Encourage participation in decision making
• Advocating and promoting community interests
• Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle Environmental protection
• Environmental education and citizen contribution in environmental protection
• Implementation of the key concepts of sustainable development
• Environmental Awareness campaigns and environmental actions Citizens engagement
• Concrete actions for the transformation of public spaces
• Involvement of citizens through innovative approaches
• The promotion of youth initiatives to improve their community Voluntary programs
• Mobilizing community members to volunteer
• Education and involvement of youth in voluntary programs Skills & Knowledge
 Community Action
 Organization of Volunteers
 Community Mobilization
 Transforming public spaces
 Education and training
 Concepts of sustainable development
 Community Development
 Civic Education
 Environmental Education
 Social Services Projects




My neighborhood, my home 09/2002 –10/2003
The aim of the project was the interaction with neighborhood residents to provide a comprehensive overview of the problems of the community, in order to intervene later in the most efficient way. This goal was achieved through the organization of "neighborhood clubs" or through door to door Vox Pop interviews, engaging hundreds of residents of the neighborhood 2. USAID Municipality of Tirana Volunteer Saturday 03-06/2004

The movement "Voluntary Action"
An awareness campaign for cleaning and keeping clean the city of Tirana. The campaign was organized door to door in 18 neighborhoods of Tirana. Voluntary Action was extended in Durres, Vlora, Shkodra, Saranda, with the participation of 350 young volunteers. The action was followed by a strong media campaign and a documentary film, winner of film festival volunteer in Bosnia. SOROS Municipality of Tirana Coca-Cola EHW

Kampi Veror Jal 2000 - 2010
An initiative launched in 2000 by activists of PASS, with financial support of Soros Foundation. Summer Camp continues to evolve each year under the supervision of PASS, with the active participation of partner organizations, youth volunteers and tourism specialists. The camp provides recreational activities, tourism, sports, cultural and social events for young people organized by young people. Activity over the years has served to develop schools and summer courses, has stimulated self-employment and promoting youth sports and adventure tourism in Albania. SOROS PASS Coca-Cola EHW

Youth Eco-tourists 07-09/2003,04,05,06
The project goal was environmental education of youth through working in terrain and tourism activities. The project is the winner of first place in the international youth festival "Earth Contest" (America, 1 June 2002). Teams of young people during a month worked to improve the tourist image of the Jal village, filling the holes in the village street, placing informative tables, clean the area, dispose waste collection points, filming and making photos to promote tourism in the area. Milieukontakt Legambiente Italian- Albanian Bank American Bank Nënujsat ESA

Eco- Cinema 06-09/2004
The project aimed to promote ecological tourism in villages with eco-tourism potential. Mobile cinema offered screening of dozens of documentaries on sports tourism, adventure tourism, ecological and environmental issues of potential areas. During the promotional campaign young people from all over Albania were engaged, who presented their project ideas for eco-tourism development in the area where they lived. British Council

The volunteers are comming 09-12/2004

Volunteers working for the environment, to improve and systemize the National Park Dajti. Placement of benches for visitors, the placement of informational signs, planting trees, trips with youth, camping in the area of the park to promote eco-tourism area, as well as awareness raising campaign for the many visitors to the park. GEF REC Hospitality Center for Families in Need 09/2004-02/2005 Initiative involves identifying the homeless at risk, awareness campaign about the problem, set up a provisional camp for emergency housing, the provision of cottages for the homeless, providing land for the establishment of the lodge, the registration of families in need and the establishment of voluntary groups the work to mediate the community Muicipality of Tirana Prefecture Tirana Commune Mullet COA OSCE


Environmental Problems Fairs 04/2005,06,07,08,09
On the Earth Day, on 22 April a fair of environmental problems was organized in Albania, which showed out environmental disasters, and particularly high air pollution in the capital. Young people wearing masks walking in the street and stopping the traffic for a moment. PASS Youth in action 05-06/2005 On

World Environment Day, 5th of June
Was organized the campaign for activation of young volunteers in support of community needs, promoting volunteer work in benefit of the environment, education and empowerment of communities. The campaign ended on World Environment Day, with concrete actions, interaction with the community, cultural activities, debates and television shows. Milieukontakt REC In the city, without my car 09/2006 Awareness campaign for the air pollution of capital by the over use of cars and carbon emission into the air. Parts of the activities were surveys, bicycle activities in Tirana and Shkodra and hundreds of young people who were involved in the campaign for the citizens' awareness.

AKSES Program 01-06/2006,07,08

The program included cultural and sport, education and social activities, for the education integration of young people of rural areas. Akses Centre aimed at motivating young people to be more active and enterprising. British Council MTKRS Beauty of my city 11/2006 Regarding the White Night feast, PASS, organized a few days projections with beautiful photos of Tirana. Projections were attended by hundreds of visitors; we distributed a large number of CD, with photos of Tirana and inspiring love for the environment. Municipality of Tirana

For a cleaner Durres 04-06/2007
Environmental campaigns for the awareness and commitment of the inhabitants of Durres city in cleaning and maintaining common facilities, a campaign which lasted about two months and was finalized on the International Environment Day (June 5), with a comprehensive action along the beach of Durres. Municipality of Durrës Ecological Clubs

Youth Citizenship Project 05-12/2007,08,09
Project had in focus youth engagement to work with communities. In the framework of the project some meetings were organized in universities and high schools of Tirana and other cities to introduce the project and see the possibilities of cooperation for initiatives in the communities. Groups of youths were trained and skilled on the work in the community and how to write projects. Important activities of the project were the organization of Youth Fair Ideas and the site, with information and opportunities for youth involvement in community projects. World Bank

Neighborhood Assembly 09/2007-03/2008,09,10
This project aimed at organizing the residents of neighborhood 50th Anniversary through community group representation, as the Assembly of the Neighborhood. Residents met every Friday to discuss the main problems of their neighborhood, exchanging ideas and proposing different solutions. The residents with the help of PASS organized actions to clean and disposal of district facilities, significantly strengthening the sense of community and community cooperation.


Community Center "My Home"
Given the needs and requirements of the residents of the neighborhood "50th Anniversary", PASS proposed the establishment and opening a community center, which facilitates and supports the activities of neighborhood's residents. Through this project PASS aimed and achieved to raise community awareness through public education, art, culture, conversations and public debates that were the foundation of the Community Center "Our Home. " SOROS District 10 Local Businesses

World of Change (Organizing residents of neiborhoods in the benefit of common public spaces)
Project aimed at establishing and organizing 7 representative groups in 7 different neighborhoods of Tirana. Groups of residents, along with volunteers, students were part of the Action Groups, in order to improve and maintain common facilities of their neighborhoods. VODAFONE ALBANIA

Tirana Community Bicycle
The project already known as Tirana Bicycle Community "is the first initiative in Albania to establish the stations for renting bicycles. The project is an initiative of "PASS" organization with the support of OSFA and the American organization "Pedal for Progress" which has donated the first 500 bicycles in the service to this program. The purpose of this project is to increase the use of bicycles as a healthy and ecological transport. OSFA Website & Social Networks

PASS Social network, websites and forums;



Ened Mato (Drejtues i PASS)
Enedi eshte nje aktivist i Levizjeve Mjedisore. Ai ka drejtuar Levizjen Aksion Vullnetar, ne Lagjet e Tiranes, Durresit dhe qyteteve te tjera. Angazhimi i tij ne projektet rinore fillon qe ne vitin 1998, me projektin rinor Eko-Turistet e Rinj dhe me pas ne punen per koordinimin e Qendrave Rinore ne 7 rrethe te Shqiperise. Diplomuar pranë Universitetit të Shkencave Sociale në Tiranë, dega Punë Sociale, Enedi ka njohuri dhe eksperienca te shumta ne punen me komunitetet dhe grupet rinore. Projekti "Lagjja Ime, Shtepia Ime", "Kuvendi i Lagjes", "E shtuna Vullnetare" dhe te tjera jane nje pjese e projekteve komunitare qe Enedi ka drejtuar gjate ketyre viteve. Nder kontributet e tij ne Shoqerine Civile mund te permendim themelimin e Organizates Komunitare "PASS", drejtimin e shoqates se eko-turizmit sportiv dhe aventure "Nenujsat", aktivizimin prane Levizjes "MJAFT", "Eko-Levizjes", Komisionit Mjedisor Tirane, etj. Gjithashtu Enedi eshte fitues i dy cmimeve te rendesishme te Vullnetarizmit Rinor. Pasioni i tij per mjedisin dhe natyren e ka shtyre te organizoj "Kampin Rinor ne Jal", "Shkollen e Zhytjes me Bombula", disa guida te turizmit sportiv dhe Aventure dhe se fundmi angazhimi ne projektin Italo-Shqiptar "NAP", per zhvillimin e turizmit detar.


Nina Keruti (Koordinatore e Aksioneve Komunitare)
Nina eshte koordinatore e Projekteve Komunitare prane PASS. Eshte diplomuar prane Fakultetit te Shkencave Sociale, Dega - Punë Sociale dhe ka koordinuar te gjitha Aksionet Komunitare ne Lagjet e Tiranes dhe Durresit. Ajo ka dhene nje kontribut te madh ne perfshirjen vullnetare te te rinjve dhe te rejave ne keto aksione. Nina ka punuar ne disa qendra dhe organizata komunitare, ka drejtuar projektin social per "Strehimin e Familjeve ne Nevoje", ka punuar per ngritjen e Qendres Rinore AKSES, dhe aktualisht punon prane Institutit te Kurrikulave dhe Standarteve. Pasioni i saj per te punuar njerezit dhe me shtresat me ne nevoje e ka shtyre gjithmone ne hartimin dhe zbatimin e projekteve komunitare teper ambicioze. Ne Projektin Qytetar, Nina ka dhene kontributin kryesor per mbledhjen dhe perpunimin e informacionit te paraqitur ne kete faqe. Ne vazhdimesi, te Projektit Qytetar, Nina do te koordinoje nismat rinore dhe komunikimin ne rrjetin e te rinjve aktiviste.


Erjola Foto Coordinator of Community Projects
Erjola has finished her studies for Political Science and she has been very active in coordinating projects for youth and community participation in public decision-making. She has also organized several social business training to help young been start their own social enterprise. She is very committed and passionate about community development issues. Erjola has organized many community actions and campaigns to promote community engagement and sustainable communities. Actually, Erjola is coordinating community projects and youth engagement and volunteering programs. PASS Team

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